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Winter Carnival

Los Angeles, California: We spent the day at Leo's school, celebrating their annual fundraiser and enjoying the Winter Carnival - complete with snow.

Leo's school made it snow. I think the "flakes" were soap bubbles of some sort and it was so cold and rainy, Little Leo wore basically everything item in his wardrobe. It was just a miserable wet day in The City of Angels.

Lisa and Lenny were in charge of a booth, so Dave and I were in charge of Leo. We gathered-up a bunch of tickets and followed Leo around the carnival, entertaining him as well as we could in the soggy downpour.

Luckily there was a train ride, because the only thing Leo likes more than a train ride is a pony ride.

Where does a SoCal baby even find a hat like this?

DT and Lenny at the Winter Carnival

Another fun activity (costing two tickets) was a "1 minute drum lesson". Leo enjoyed his lesson so much he paid twice.

Dude loved the cymbal.

The school even trucked-in snow so the Angelinos could toboggan! Leo was brave and slid down the hill alone on his first go. He would not, however, go down the teeny bunny hill again.

Leo is adorable, but the star of the day was Our Beautiful Daughter, Lisa. Not only did she help organize the school fundraiser and work for hours today (in terrible weather) at the Winter Carnival - Lisa prepared a gourmet dinner tonight. Leo's godfather, who is a working in Nashville (on a television show with the same name!) came to Los Angeles to see Leo, so Lisa and Lenny entertained in style this evening - Italian Short Ribs over Fettuccini.

Yes, I am incredibly opinionated and prejudiced, but Lisa is an amazing, caring and generous woman. We are blessed to have her in our world.

She's really pretty too.

SLOGGER REPORT: Saturday is my Day of Rest. Holding at 22 miles for the month; 78 to go to reach my goal.

Until my next update, I remain, your thawing correspondent.