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White Food

Portland, Oregon:  When I plan our menus - and I do plan our meals weekly - there is concern as to presentation, contrast, meat v meatless, seasonal produce, healthy versus Sunday Night Pizza, new recipes I want to try and whims. I use a handy menu + shopping list to organize everything. I'm busy and we live too far from a grocer to just pop-out to fetch a forgotten item. Organization is the key word here.

Linguini with Lemon Sauce was on our menu this week. This super-easy recipe from The New York Times, was going to be prepared because it 1) sounded delicious and 2) I had everything required on-hand.

It was very easy to prepare, especially since I skipped the part about using another pot to make the sauce. Instead, the sauce was quickly prepared in the pot used to boil the pasta (the cooked pasta politely waited in a colander), which makes the recipe RV-friendly as well. And, okay, I did not use linguini. I had fettuccini. So there ya go.

Dave and I really enjoyed the pasta, but it was very white. Especially served on a white plate. I suppose maybe a little chopped parsley or basil would have helped?

Then I really blew the whole "presentation is everything" kitchen rule by serving a white salad!

Oregon pears are appearing in the markets... and I had a one-inch piece of Oregonzola cheese to use. Goodness. My middle school junior high school home economics teacher would be horrified at the presentation. Pear. Olive oil. Gorgonzola. Salt. Pepper. (At least the bowl was pretty.)

Thank goodness our table was rescued with a tricolori Caprese Salad, using what may be the last vine ripened tomato of the season.

Why am I using-up everything in the refrigerator? Dave and I are going on a little adventure. In our own backyard. Stay tuned.

PS: Try the pasta recipe. It was wonderful. But use a little garnish, please! And if you post a photo of your dish in the comment section below, that would be fun.

Until my next update, I remain, your bland correspondent.