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Where Am I?

The past few days have been a blur. I was trying to settle-in to our house in Portland after being away all winter, but suddenly found myself in Eugene and then Los Angeles.

Brioche Cinnamon Roll - a cinnamon roll made with brioche.
What evil genius thinks of this?

Best to not be in Los Angeles... with that dang Village Bakery & Cafe in Atwater Village reeking havoc on my diet, waistline and exercise program.

Of course, Los Angeles does have the advantage of total safety. Citizens are protected by Super Leo:

Complete with cowboy boots. Of course.

And if that whole Cowboy-Super-Hero gig doesn't work out for Leo, there is always a Cowboy Cantor back-up plan:

Not kidding. The kid seriously L O V E S his cowboy boots.

So I sadly left a sobbing (Bubbe, pleeeease don't goooo, please come to my house) Leo at the Burbank airport and flew back to Portland Friday afternoon. Dave picked me up at the airport (fresh from his Trustee meetings) and we met my sister and her friend for dinner at Little Bird in downtown Portland. The restaurant was very pretty, very small and very nice. The staff were super friendly and helpful and knowledgeable... but if you don't eat pork or shellfish, your menu choices are super limited Little Bird.

Am I the only one thinking the absence of Steak Frites on a French bistro menu is just wrong?

After dinner with Lisa's Godmother Saturday night, we are now focused on preparing for a week in our motorhome to attend one of the greatest track meets in the world this year - right here in the Great State of Oregon! The NCAA Track & Field Championships will be held (again) at Historic Hayward Field on the University of Oregon campus. Not only will we be attending the 4-day track meet, a few RV maintenance jobs will be checked-off our "TO DO" list.

Like... new tires. 

Pray for us.

Next up: Get ready to rock your world with this super RV-easy Chicken Dijon recipe.

Until my next update, I remain, your Oregon correspondent.