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What I Did Today

Indio, California: We are driving to Los Angeles tomorrow morning to celebrate Thanksgivukkah with the kids. Family members are also flying to Los Angeles, so it will be an epic weekend.

Today, DT went golfing with Marci and Jim - so I had the day to myself to cook, bake and prepare the items requested by the Hostess With The Mostess.

Lenny wanted Cloverleaf rolls, just like his Grandma makes.

I will not even promise my Cloverleaf rolls (buttermilk) will even begin to compare to the rolls made by Lenny's Grandma, but I made the rolls he requested.

Lisa thought Cloverleaf rolls would be lovely with dinner, but was concerned they would not be the bread-of-choice for turkey sandwiches Friday.

So, as any good Mother-in-Law/Mom would do, I also baked a batch of potato rolls in "burger bun" size. Our "left-over" sandwiches should be tasty.

The main task of the day was to prepare Salmon Rillettes - a smoked and poached salmon terrine/spread/pate thing.

This recipe has really a lot of steps and really a lot of ingredients. First, salmon fillets are marinated in anise liquor, white pepper and salt. While that whole thing is happening, a pot of water and wine is poaching leeks, onions, bay and peppercorns. The salmon is then poached in the hot broth and chilled. (The broth and veggies are discarded.) While the fish is chilling, shallots are sauteed in butter. Later, the poached fish, cooled shallots, butter, sour cream, chives, smoked paprika, lemon juice and olive oil are mixed together (seriously shredded with a fork!) with dry-smoked salmon. Two types of salmon in this appetizer. Recipe claims it takes 1 hour and 45 minutes to make this dish.

Takes me longer and I am a quick cook.

I prepared a double-batch today and gave two portions to friends and reserved a huge portion for Lisa & Lenny's Thanksgiving celebration. 

Yes, that is a layer of melted butter - with chives - over the Salmon Rillettes. Don't judge.

By the way: this dish is pronounced Ree-aye. "S" seems to be silent. Pretty sure. I do not speak French. Close enough.

I also sliced (purchased, I'm not crazy) baguettes, and grilled the bread on DT's outdoor grill, to served with the Salmon Rillettes.

In my spare time, I made RV Lasagna to bring for Wednesday dinner and did three loads of laundry. DT had a decent round with one awesome long putt on 18.

Then I collapsed into a heap.

Until my next update in Los Angeles, I remain, your baked correspondent.

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