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Los Angeles, California: Thanksgiving and Hanukkah falling in the same week is just too exciting! Everyone getting together for food and fun. We have so much to be thankful for this year and what a wonderful way to celebrate.

We are thankful for our Beautiful Daughter. Lisa is so caring and loving and giving. She is also super talented in design and decor, menu planning and cooking. Lisa could not find the "quite right" tablecloth for her Hanukkah/Thanksgiving dinner, so she and Lenny dip-dyed a white cotton table cloth! She set a gorgeous table and arranged the flowers herself in hollowed pumpkins.


Okay, that was a lot of photos of the table. Sorry, it was just so pretty.

We are also thankful for this little guy - also quite stylish - in a little sweater with leather patches on the shoulders and elbows. We are thankful Lisa found such a wonderful man to share her life. Lenny is a super Father and, like Lisa, skilled at hosting guests and making everyone feel welcome and comfortable. They make a great team.

My sister and niece (Renee & Carla) joined us for dinner. We may have had a dance party in the kitchen.

Appetizers: pinot noir champagne, salmon rillettes and Lenny's famous onion dip - today served in the chip & dip set my parents received as a wedding gift - over 60 years ago!

Salad: Baby Kale with Burrata, Persimmons and Pomegranate Seeds, tossed in Pumpkin Seed Vinegrette.

Dinner: Roast Turkey, Challah & Mushroom Bread Pudding, Gravy, Latkes with Apple-Cranberry Chutney, Green Beans with Crunchy Shallots & Toasted Hazelnuts and Buttermilk Cloverleaf Rolls.

Angela (Leo's Godmother), Niece Carla, Niece Meghan, Lenny,
Lisa's college friends, Ryan and Gabe, and my sister, Renee

Dessert: Pumpkin Pie and Pecan Pie Rugulach.

After dinner we sang prayers and lit the candles on the Menurkey - a menorah shaped like a turkey. This item will have to remain in our family for the next 79,000 years until the holidays will fall together again.

Again, just a lovely, lovely day with our family and friends. We can't thank everyone enough for traveling so far to join the celebration, nor Lenny & Lisa enough for everything they did to make the holiday so perfect. DT and I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful day as well - tell us about your day in the comment area below.

Until my next update, I remain, your Thankful correspondent.