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Weekend in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California: After our usual morning routine of coffee, emails and exercise, Dave and I hit the road west to Los Angeles to spend the weekend with our favorite grandchildren.

Dos tacos de pollo

But... I mean... since we have to actually drive past Tacos Gonzalez to reach Los Angeles, obviously we stopped-in for a little sustenance for our two-hour drive.

Our Little Lucy is recovering from a virus that has been going around. I think we have missed the worst of it, but the sweet girl is still not quite herself. A little quiet. A little clingy. Worst part? The trencherman is restricted to the most boring of foods for a few days: Bagels. Bananas. Rice. Toast. Applesauce.

Lucy, 17 months

Lucy was quite happy to build a few things with Lego - as long as she was on Bubba's lap.

Lisa made delicious home-made ramen bowls for us this evening with noodles in a miso broth, topped with boiled eggs, baked tofu, caramelized carrots and green onions. (Lucy was only allowed tofu and noodles.)

After his sister went to bed, we watched Hotel Transylvania 2 with this guy:

Leo, age 4

Then a story... and maybe a song or two. (Leo is one of only two humans to tolerate my singing voice.)

Big Adventure Planned this weekend!

Until my next update, I remain, your happy correspondent.