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Happy Hour Tuesday: The Cliffhouse

Indio, California:  I hope you don't mind another snow-capped mountain photo.

You would not believe how fast the white stuff is disappearing. Melting so fast.

Dave and I had a visit from our friend, Tim. Tim and I volunteered at the Oregon Zoo in the 1990's together (when it was still called the Portland Zoo). We raised thousands of dollars to resuscitate the elephant program and facility.

Me, Tim, Diane and Dave

Tim was in town to attend the famed Palm Springs film festival. He brought his friend, Diane, over for a tour of our little "trailer park". We cruised around the resort on our golf cart - flutes of champagne in hand - and had luncheon at our clubhouse. They were impressed.

Only week three of our Happy Hour Tuesday Club and we are already re-thinking. Seems many many restaurants in the desert feature "Taco Tuesday"... so we may have to venture out on different nights to taste-test our way through area restaurants - even though y'all know we love tacos.

Tonight we tried The Cliffhouse in La Quinta. It is really close to our campsite and we have dined there a few times before, but have never been in the bar and never for Happy Hour. The restaurant has a beautiful setting, somehow built into a jagged rocky mountain, with views out to the valley. Lush landscaping and water features add to the tropical atmosphere.

We walked in at 5p to find the bar completely packed, the outdoor (heated) patio completely packed and a line of patrons waiting for tables. Goodness, this place must be good! I queried a woman standing next to me about the crowd and she explained about "Taco Tuesday": two chicken or fish tacos for $8. That didn't seem like such a steal-of-a-deal to me. (Tacos at Tacos Gonzalez are only $1.79 each.)

The tacos at The Cliffhouse are very good and very huge. Loaded with pico de gallo and cabbage and served on a table laid with white linens. We had fun, but were not seated in the bar. We were farmed-out to "over-flow seating" in a dining room.

We really need to step-up our Happy Hour game. Do more research. Ask more friends about their recommendations. Go with friends. Go earlier. We will definitely return to The Cliffhouse to test Happy Hour on another day of the week.

The Cliffhouse
At Historic Point Happy in La Quinta
78250 Highway 111
La Quinta, CA 92253
(760) 360-5991
Happy Hour: 3:30-6:30p. Parking on site, valet parking, outdoor seating available.

Until my next update, I remain, your thumbs-up correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club