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We Have Arrived!

Indio, California: We arrived yesterday afternoon to our campsite at the Motorcoach Country Club. Maricela’s cleaning crew was literally driving away as we pulled in, so our site was perfectly pristine and ready for our arrival.

Our beautiful view!
Our casita


Except for the time we arrived the first week of October for Lisa & Lenny’s wedding, we have not been to the resort so early in the season. This is the time of year ground crews “scalp” the grass at homes, parks, and golf courses – literally scraping-off the grass right down to the soil. Then the soil is re-seeded and watered about every dang hour it seems. Within a few weeks, lawns and golf courses up and down the Coachella Valley go from brown, to thick carpets of lush green grass. It’s magic.

Though the view from our lot, straight down the canal towards the mountains of Joshua Tree National Park, is still perfect, the view to our left is quite changed, as the two empty lots next to us are under construction. Leo has lost his football field! The lot directly to our left was supposed to begin building in May, but there were some troubles with the architect/permits (I have heard via rumor only), and the project was delayed until last week. Total bummer for us, having to deal with construction noise and dust, but one nice thing: the resort has changed construction hours during “the season” to only Monday-Thursday. Thankfully, the jack-hammering was completed before our arrival.

On the positive side, once their casita is erected, we will have shade on the driver-side of our bus in the afternoon!

Think happy thoughts, Terry!

We weren’t here even one day and DT had everything unpacked from the casita, and our little outdoor living and kitchen area organized. Dave is amazing – especially since he has a cold. The dude just can’t sit still. I helped set up the internet and outdoor television (my realm of expertise), and organized the bus for long-term stay.

Our fridge is stocked. The ice maker is making ice. We have been to Tacos Gonzalez (for tostadas).

Warning: tacos have gone up ten cents. A taco is now $1.99.


All is right with my dusty world.

Until my next update, I remain, your Indio correspondent.

RV Park: The Motorcoach Country Club


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  1. Welcome back! Sunrise Country Club was doing the scalping thing last week. The dust inside (with everything closed up) was coming back faster than I could Swiffer.

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