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We Have Arrived

Indio, California:  We spent the past several days in Merced with Dave's family. We visited with Dave's Mom for three days (sorry, she will not allow photos, but looks fabulous!) and we also celebrated Brother Billy's birthday.

We had to leave our campsite Tuesday by noon because... wait for it... Santa Claus was Coming to Town! No kidding, the Santa hired for the Merced Mall holiday season was arriving to take our campsite throughout the holiday season.

Last night was spent at our usual overnight spot, Bakersfield RV Resort. We stayed in, watching election results. I roasted chicken thighs that I had marinated all day in miso, maple syrup, roasted garlic and sage leaves - and used a sliced sugar pumpkin as a roasting rack. Dang if that wasn't just delicious. The leftovers were pureed in my mini-chopper, vacuum-sealed, and will become filling for ravioli or lasagna at a later date.

The road to the Motorcoach Country Club has not been an easy one this year. Three times truckers (always truckers!) have wandered out of their lane/into our lane since we left Oregon. Thankfully, they have wandered into our lane while both vehicles were going in the same direction. A quick honnnnnk from My Driver usually is enough to wake them up, get them off their mobile phone or otherwise shake them into their own lane. Today, we were barely spared a head-on from an idiot in a teeny car trying to pass a line of truckers. Feet to spare. Seriously. We were honking. The truckers were honking. The guy in the teeny car hopefully needed to change his underwear. Pay attention, people!

We are back in our Blissful Bubble! 90 degrees. No wind. Maricella and her crew had cleaned our covered pavilion this morning. Everything was pressure-washed to perfection... and we know this as a gas-powered pressure washer is still sitting in our pavilion. We will need to move the dishes, etc., into the cupboards, but that can surely wait. DT (with help from his tech-savvy wife) has the television working in the pavilion.

Colleen and Rick stopped in to welcome us home. We had dinner (and a perfect martini) at the clubhouse.

We are home for the winter.

Until my next update, I remain, your Indio correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club