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We Are Home

Portland, Oregon: We had a late start out of Eugene. Would you believe Dave had meetings this morning? On a Sunday? On a holiday weekend? No matter. Anyone and everyone who is dominant, prominent and influential in The One True Sport was in Eugene this weekend for the Prefontaine Classic. They like to meet.

Food is good before meetings. An herb omelet from Marche will set your tummy right.

While Dave was busy, I prepped dinner for tonight and then began stowing, organizing, packing and deciding what needed to go to our house in Portland and what can remain in the motorhome. It's a process. DT returned about 1:30p and we were on the road quickly after... having had to lose a night's stay/rent as they would not allow us to check-out so late on a holiday weekend.

After arriving at our RV storage garage, moving the overnight necessities (and dinner) to the car, we put the bus in her garage and will return in the morning (with our Chevy Tahoe) to bring home everything we have used since October.

TRIP STATS: We have been away since 26 October 2017, (but flew home for five nights in November to celebrate Nancy's birthday)... so we were away 207 nights.

Walking into our kitchen - which we are pretty-sure is larger than our entire motorhome - reminds us that we have a huge house and really need to downsize. By the time we had unpacked, settled-in, and sat down with a glass of wine overlooking the forest behind our home, we think maybe this is the best house in the entire world. Happens every year.

In a day or two we will find/remember all the unused rooms. All the flights of stairs. All the chores. Our mood will switch, but it takes a while.

Since it is Sunday, you will not be surprised to learn, I made a pizza. From scratch. Made the dough this morning in the RV and let is rise all day in the fridge. Topped it with red sauce and cheese... and the last few leaves of basil from our herb garden in Indio. We also enjoyed a salad with the last of the carrots from Sister Gina's garden.

Don't worry. We won't be here for long.

Until my next update, I remain, your "home again" correspondent.