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We are home

Back to the boring daily blog posts tomorrow, Dear Readers, as we are no longer on the road. It was a great trip - except for the Rose Bowl final score. My Camping Journal says we were away 25 nights, making nine campsites on our 2,135 mile adventure.

We moved as many of our belongings as possible into the tow car before leaving Eugene this morning, and transferred the refrigerator contents into the cooler when we arrived at our RV storage facility this afternoon. From there, we only had a twenty minute drive back to our house.

Taylor Manor awaited, in perfect condition, thanks to our house sitter, Brandon. The mail is perfectly sorted. Any junk mail or catalogs have long been recycled or shredded. Sorry, peeps, Brandon is mine, all mine, and will not work for you when you go away on your RV adventures.

There was laundry to deal with. Mail to deal with. Phone calls to answer. Bills to pay.

And then, of course, dinner.

What to cook when you have wilted celery, limp carrots, half a soggy onion, cheese ravioli and arugula? Hmmmm... I made a veggie stock from the celery, carrots and onion. Boiled the ravioli and served it next to the arugula - with the stock poured over all. Delicious. Healthy. Pretty.

For a meal made from "what we had on hand" it wasn't half bad. We also had a nice bottle of wine. Welcome home!

So here is a little confession... of the "we broke the law" sort. The tags on the Magna Peregrinus have expired. We did not know about this, of course, as we consider ourselves "rule followers" and Upstanding Citizens in Our Society. While the crew was washing/waxing our bus Tuesday, DT noticed the tags had expired. How did we miss this? We checked our records. We phoned Brandon, and inquired if the renewal had arrived. Of course not - the tags had expired in OCTOBER - while we were on the Stanfurd Road Trip! Thousands of illegal miles. Last year, the RV dealer removed the plates from our old Country Coach and placed them on our new Country Coach... details to follow. If details do not follow, I hope someone is an experienced lawyer... or possibly a pastry chef who can bake a cake with a file inside???

Luckily, we snuck into Our Own State and have hidden the MP in her secluded storage facility until this little mess is straightened out. Shhhhhhh!

Our little life will not be quiet for long. Tomorrow, The Lovely Lisa will fly in to Portland and we will all head over to visit my family in Central Oregon. Sans RV. Apparently there is this thing called a "hotel" which we will try.

Until my next update, I remain, your "there's no place like home, except your motorhome" correspondent.