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Typical Non-Typical Day

Indio, California: Except for our morning coffee + work + exercise routine, we rarely have a typical day here at the Motorcoach Country Club. I think it is common around most RV resorts to ponder where exactly the day went. Not everyone knows exactlythe date or day of the week. After lunch, not everyone knows exactly what they will be doing/eating for dinner. It is easy to get caught-up in a whirlwind of activities, parties, crafting, blogging, golfing, photographing, visiting with friends and neighbors, FaceTiming with your grandson, cooking, golf cart/boat cruising, visiting your Mom in the hospitalinjuring your foot and suddenly, it is February.

This bus has wheels for a reason and they have not rolled for a while, so we are taking the beautiful Magna Peregrinus out for a spin in the morning - meaning we spent time this afternoon getting her organized for a road trip.

But not before coffee + work + exercise and a lunch break to our favorite taco shop in the Coachella Valley, Tacos Gonzales (NE corner of Highway 111 & Jefferson, La Quinta).

This is the spread they bring to your table when you sit down at Tacos Gonzales. What's not to love? The Gonzales family are so friendly and have spoiled us completely. If we do not come in for a few days, Mrs. G wants to know where we have been.

The tostada I had last night at Don Diego's was good, but really, was that a tostada? Anything in a big deep-fried tortilla bowl is not a tostada. This (above) is a tostada - a hard, flat fried tortilla, piled with beans, shredded chicken, cheese, lettuce, tomato and sour cream.

$4.49, by the way.

Tacos Gonzales uses real plates, glasses and cutlery. Not disposable plastic junk. A taco is $1.69 and two will fill you. They offer bean, chicken, beef asada, beef head meat (not brain), beef tongue and pork tacos. Big excitement - they now accept credit cards!

Today was non-typical because I did not cook even one meal all day. The motorhome was so neat and tidy - and clean - I didn't want to mess it up preparing a meal.

Doesn't mean I didn't run out to the supermarket to stock up on a few things for our road trip. Happy I did. How else would I have found the perfect Valentine gift for absolutely no one:

The box of chocolates is less expensive than my tostada. Oh, wait. Did I say less expensive? What I meant to say was, cheaper.

Oh, how I do amuse myself.

After enjoying gorgeous weather all day, as the sun set, the sky grew stormy and dark and the wind began to blow.

But Mother Nature still gave us another stunning sunset.

We had dinner tonight at the Top of the Falls - the restaurant in our resort clubhouse. The restaurant is ready for Super Bowl Sunday - with football decor and televisions everywhere:

DT and I watched the Duck v UCLA basketball game from seats at the bar - where we dined from the "bar menu". Tonight was Prime Rib Night, one of the most popular nights at the restaurant. I ordered something from the "heart healthy" menu... but it looked and tasted like grilled chicken over butterfly pasta with mushrooms and veggies in a cream sauce.

Really good, but enough food for two.

The night was going well (even as we endured Bill Walton calling the Duck v UCLA game from Eugene... it's like fingernails on a chalkboard listening to his Grateful Dead references prattle), until a fellow camper ordered another round for everyone seated at the bar - on his tab. Thank you and Dang you!

We watched the last part of the Duck game back in our motorhome. Ducks lost.

Okay, that part of our day was typical.

SLOGGER REPORT: Ran only two miles, but I ran them really fast. And by fast, I mean 14-minute miles. Speedster!

Until my next update, I remain, your typical correspondent.

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