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Tuesday with Leo

Pasadena, California: Since we appeared in Pasadena one day early and most of our party shopping/errands have finished, we volunteered to take Leo for a while this afternoon so his Mom could get a rest... as much rest as a Mom with a four-month-old can find anyway. Before taking Leo back to our RV, we sorted his animals (mostly) by continent of origin and "domesticated animals".

This photo does not show Leo's collection of extinct dinosaurs... and he does not have an opossum. Yet.

After wrastlin' Leo into his car seat, we headed over to spend the afternoon around the Rose Bowl. There are hundreds of bands practicing for the parade, a few floats being decorated, drummer girls and boys and a great selection of play structures for our little toddler. Does something seem a little odd in these photos? Leo is wearing a coat! A fairly-hefty down jacket to be exact. It was barely 50 degrees this afternoon in the Los Angeles area.

We had planned to take Leo into downtown Pasadena for lunch at the famed Pie'n Burger - but would you believe it - Pie'n Burger had set-up a booth just a few steps from our motorhome! We enjoyed our lunch inside our toasty-warm motorhome. The menu was short. Cheeseburger. Grilled Cheese. Fries. Pie (in four flavors: pecan, apple, boysenberry or cherry). Between the three of us, we had two burgers, one order of fries and a piece of apple pie... except I am pretty sure Leo mostly had pie.

As we headed back to Lisa & Lenny's for dinner, it started to rain and it is still raining. Not exactly Rose Bowl weather, but not too unusual if you are a Duck.

We pooped him out.

Until my next update, I remain, your Rose Bowl correspondent.