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Rural living has many benefits, but also a few troubles. It is a constant battle between our house and the forest. The forest would completely envelop us if allowed. A climbing vine could strangle us in our sleep. If not for constant trimming, chopping, mowing and weed-whacking, our property would soon resemble Sleeping Beauty's house after her 100 year nap. A barrier must be kept for civilized living, keeping the neighbors happy and for fire protection.

The past few mornings we have had a crew of three trespassers on the property, clearing brush. Pretty sure two of the crew are not of legal working age.

These little guys (gals?) still have their spots. The family have been arriving late morning to chomp on (unwanted invasive - yet still delicious - species) blackberry bushes. The deer do not notice the berries are over our "drain field".

Twins, or more like "double trouble" for Momma.

Lady, I can see you up there with that camera. Don't post photos of my children on the internet.

Momma Deer was quite content to continue grazing, knowing I was on the deck above her, snapping away (with my new camera). She looked up at me occasionally between bites.

The fawns were not so carefree about my presence.

Think she can see us? We blend-in pretty well.

I'm going to hide-out here in the shade.

Oh, dang. She is looking right at me.

I am spotted! Spotted. Get it? Spotted. I'm so clever.

I'm outta here.

You kids run along... I'm going to have a few more nibbles.

Until my next update, I remain, your dear correspondent.