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Small Spaces + Lenny’s Margarita

It is pretty quiet around The Manor this week, as DT and I continue our organizing/purging of a house we occasionally visit. Every time a drawer or cabinet is approached to organize, I must remind myself that we spend 8 months of the year in a 45-foot long house. We just don't need/use this stuff. Out it goes.

Speaking of small spaces... have you watched the Tiny House Hunters series on HGTV, where people build super-small houses to reduce their carbon footprint, or to save money, or live a minimalist lifestyle? Most of the people on the program want to be able to take their teeny house with them when they move to a new job, etc. To live like this, they need to make a lot of compromises. The homes are built with wood, so the weight is substantial. A recent episode showed the builder "designing" a booth dining set - with the table lowering between the two benches to make a bed. Really? Genius! RV's have had tables that convert to beds for 50 years! A travel trailer would be so much cheaper, so much more convenient, so much lighter and so much easier to tow. And easier for resale: if a young couple share 200 square feet for a year, they will either get a divorce or have a baby. Either way, the teeny house will have to go.

But, I suppose a series titled "Young Couples Choose a Travel Trailer" would not be a big hit. This, Dear Reader, is why I am not a television producer. 

If I were, George Clooney would star as the RV salesman.

Moving on...

This is the recipe included in last month's RV Goddess Newsletter. The August issue will be emailed soon, so sign-up if you are not already subscribed. It is free and there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every issue.

This the way I make a margarita for my favorite son-in-law, Lenny:

A little less alcohol and a lot of fresh juice = a great margarita.

2 ounces Patron Silver (or premium white tequila)
1 ounce Patron Citronge (or good quality orange liquor)
2 ounces organic orange juice
1 ounce fresh squeezed organic lime juice

Stir ingredients together and serve over a margarita glass (or an old-fashioned glass) filled with ice. Salted rim optional. Lime wedge garnish. Serves one.

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Until my next update, I remain, your teeny correspondent.