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Thursday in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California: By now you are realizing why I only come down to Los Angeles for a few days at a time. It is difficult to keep up with Lisa and her brood. I am sure my schedule was just as busy when I had a toddler, but when I had a toddler I wasn't even 30 years old. (Not to mention, I only had one child and we lived overseas and had full-time live-in help.)

Breakfast with Leo: a busy day for him as it was a "water day" at pre-school. Instead of regular class, the kids get to play on water slides, kiddy pools, slip-n-slides and other assorted non-drought-friendly apparati. I packed his lunch today - leftover pizza, cucumber slices and a ton of grapes. He ate it all.

Breakfast with Lucy: prune and kale pancakes with fresh avocado. Lucy loves food, but will not take anything on a spoon - finger foods only - and still will not take a bottle. Momma only.

Is there anything more precious than a sleeping baby?

Leo went to school. Lenny went to work. Lucy took a nap. Lisa went to the gym. Bubbe took a shower.

Before Lisa and I fetched Leo from school, we had lunch at a new falafel place in Atwater Village - Dune. Crazy good. Simple menu. Falafel or lamb. A few sides.

The falafel (chickpea pancakes, or in this case, balls) are loaded with herbs and served on house-made flat bread with pickled onions, herbs, yoghurt, hummus and super-thin shoestring potatoes. $8.

The afternoon was spent in the back garden around their little kiddy pool, under a shade tree. Leo practiced his breathing and pretended I was his swimming instructor.

Dinner was (take-out) sushi from a local Japanese restaurant. Lisa teases that Lucy is a "garbage disposal" but tonight she ate an entire (peeled) nectarine, about twenty (quartered) grapes, 2 avocado rolls, 2 cucumber rolls and a scrambled egg. Her brother had a few pieces of edamame and two avocado rolls.

Until my next update, I remain, your busy correspondent.