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The Week in Review

Indio, California: Dave had been in Portland all week for meetings, so I was keeping a low profile. I did not leave the resort all week (really, why would I?), but kept busy working on recipes, exercising and reading. Some days I made the bed. Some days I did not.

We celebrated St. Paddy's Day on Saturday (March 13) before Dave flew to Oregon. I made the traditional corned beef, served with braised cabbage... and we cruised around the RV resort in our golf cart, handing out cookies we bought in Los Angeles the day before from The Village Bakery & Cafe.

Did I mention exercising (above)? Over 15,000 steps every day! I'm just out walking/jogging (early!) until my Fitbit pedometer tells me I have reached my goal of 10,000 steps and the rest of the day is just gravy.

However, gravy was not on the menu this week. With DT not around and the temperatures hovering in the 90's, it has been salads, sandwiches and cold suppers around here.

Noodles (udon, soba, spaghetti... whatever... I used whole wheat spaghetti in the above version), tossed in a tahini and ginger dressing, were readily enjoyed this week. After dressing the noodles, it is up to the diner to choose which "toppings" they would enjoy with their carbs. I used baked tofu, shelled edamame and slivered green onion. Other great additions would be shredded chicken, cilantro, nuts, snow peas... well, you get the idea. Anything. Purists could just eat the dressed noodles and call it a day. Recipe coming soon!

But a girl can't live on tofu only. One day I treated myself to a BLT sandwich made withorganic turkey bacon and a tomato from our garden (just in case anyone is looking - it is mid-March), served on sourdough bread from The Village Bakery & Cafe. (I still think the best part of a BLT is the mayonnaise... and never mind there is no "L" in my BLT.)

DT missed another amazing sunset:


Dave flew back to Palm Springs last evening and woke up this morning early to golf with friends from home. This evening, Woody, Michael and Jane joined us for drinks at our casita and Captain Jim and Mary picked us up in their boat for a ride to the restaurant.

Woody & Captain Jim aboard the Desert Duck

Captain Jim is like Uber, except with a boat.

And we don't have to pay him.

I leave you tonight with this - a photo of our beautiful grandchildren. Guess where we are going tomorrow?

Until my next update, I remain, your "some of that DNA is mine!" correspondent.

RV PARK: The Motorcoach Country Club