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Assembly Required

Los Angeles, California: Dave and I drove from Indio to Los Angeles Wednesday afternoon. Dave had been in (three times per year) University of Oregon Trustee meetings Sunday evening until Wednesday noon. The winter meeting is (thank goodness) held in Palm Springs. Since trustees fly-in from all around the world (on their own dime), it just seems kind to ask them all to come to a sunny spot once a year, instead of (usually) rainy Eugene. After meetings, each evening, we have attended social functions with fellow trustees and their spouses.

It had been a busy few days, so we were anxious to hop in the Honda and head two hours west to sunny Los Angeles to see our beautiful grandchildren (and their beautiful parents). Long-time friends, Jane & Michael (Michael worked with DT in The Philippines circa 1981-83), were also in LA for the day and joined us for a fun afternoon and evening with the kids.

Lucy is now sitting on her own for up to an hour. This exercise simply exhausts her and she takes long naps in the afternoon. Lucy continues to be the happiest, smiliest, sweetest little cherub we have ever known. Not sure even her own Mother was this darling.

However, the nearly-7-month-old Princess will not take a bottle. Of any kind... brand... shape. No tippy cups. Will not let a morsel of food into her belly. Lucy will chew on a baby spoon, but the photo (right) is her reaction to apple sauce. Not. Gonna. Happen.

Seriously? Who doesn't like apple sauce?

We are all assuming this will not be a permanent situation and one day soon Lucy will learn to love apple sauce... and O's... and fruit... and sweet potatoes. Until then, Lisa is a very tired, thin and hungry Momma.

Before dinner Wednesday evening, Leo asked to escort Jane & Michael (pictured here at Lisa's wedding) for a walk around the block. Leo pointed out the unique features of the neighborhood homes and we even had a few rain sprinkles on our adventure. Jane was a teacher, so knew exactly how to interact with a three year old. I wish Jane could impart some of her knowledge on this Old Bubbe, because Leo is usually ten steps ahead of me.

While we were checking-out the 'hood, Lisa trimmed, tied and roasted a beef filet, paired with asparagus spears, and made a salad of farro, tomatoes, parsley and feta. It was wonderful to enjoy a delicious meal and spend the evening with such old friends. Truth be told, a just-hired Michael was greeted at Manila International by DT and a very-pregnant-me - one week before I delivered Lisa. Michael has known Lisa her entire life.

Leo had school Thursday morning. DT had conference calls. Lenny went to work. Lisa, Lucy and I went to IKEA to find a dresser for Lucy. It was later arranged for the entire family to meet after school for lunch. Tacos.

Chicken tacos cost $3 in Los Angeles

Leo wore Lenny's soccer jersey (from his boyhood team in McLean, Virginia) to school today. No lunch for Lucy. She just chewed on a toy.

If your daughter goes to IKEA to buy a dresser for the baby nursery, chances are you get to spend the afternoon studying Swedish assembly instructions.

Leo was a ton of help...

... and there were a ton of screws, bolts, dowels and assorted items left-over, but the dresser is assembled. Drawers open. Drawers close (automatically!) and Lisa brought her sweaty Dad a cold brewski as a reward.

Until my next update, I remain, your happy correspondent.