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Friday | 29 January 2021 | La Quinta, California: As if a deadly pandemic wasn't enough, storms are now slamming the entire country. An "atmospheric river" is now flowing over southern California, dumping inches of rain and feet of snow. Sadly, the rain is falling on hillsides left bare from recent wildfires... so now, landslides. Temperatures last week were well into the 80's. This week, we are lucky to see 60 degrees.

But we are lucky to see snow in the surrounding mountains.

To the west

It is fun to see palm trees and snow-capped mountains in the same vista. Rarely, we are able to see snow on all of the three mountain ranges that make the Coachella Valley a valley. We had rain on the valley floor, so snow in the mountains.

To the north - Joshua Tree National Park, covered in snow
Even to the south - not common to have snow here

Dave and I are still doing the SAME OLD THING every day. Coffee. Crossword. Exercise. Keeping house. Cooking. Movies. Sometimes we walk together.

There is a lemon tree in our neighborhood that is so tall, not even Kareem Abdul Jabbar could harvest the fruit, and the lemons have become so huge, they look like massive grapefruit. During the recent rain storms, a few lemons fell from the tree:

Who is that masked man?

It is supposed to rain again today. It is cold, but no one should ever complain about rain in a desert. We need it so terribly, and all that snow in the mountains is like a little nest-egg for later.

Cooking this weekend: we have a nice acorn squash, from our CSA box, that I will stuff with a Mediterranean-style lamb meatloaf tonight, a spicy chicken and garbanzo curry on Saturday, and a mushroom lasagna for Sunday. What are cooking this weekend? Keep safe and warm and dry where ever you may be - and have a cozy weekend.

Until my next update, I remain your soggy correspondent.

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  1. I made your butter chicken and my husband ate it and he doesn’t like indian food but enjoyed it! It was delicious. I am just bummed that I didn’t prepare some naan in advance. I will remedy that because I made a double batch. Yummmmm

  2. Tell me you cut into that giant lemon and if it looked good, did you taste it? You would only need to use one lemon per month if they are all that size.

    1. Well… see… it wasn’t our lemon. It was in someone’s front garden and there was a car parked in the drive. Stealing, technically… plus we have two lemon trees in our “orchard” and they give us plenty of normal-sized fruit.

  3. Thank you MoHo Princess for your comments on the Jan 16th blog. (Twice)
    And everyone getting the vaccine needs to thank President Trump!
    Enjoy your rvgoddess recipes & travel blog!

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