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The Tiger Room

As you know, I have several projects to complete this football season fall. Top on my list was a re-do of our guest suite - The Tiger Room. Hopelessly outdated. A bit threadbare. Hadn't been painted in 16 years. Carpet was 16 years old.


Plus, my girlfriend, Nancy, needlepointed that divine red pillow for my birthday last year and I decided to build the entire room around show-casing that pillow.

Blame Nancy.

last week and waited for the carpet to arrive. It was installed Friday. Wowza! That should bring a little life to the guest room!John, from Koeber's, installed the "Badger" carpet made by Kane in Israel. I'm sure he went back to the office and declared "Terry Taylor has lost her mind".

Love it or hate it - it's probably here for another 16 years.

Everything in the room is feline.

Yesterday, DT and I moved the furniture back in the room.

I chose white sheets on the advice of my interior designer The Lovely Lisa. Nancy's pillow just pops out now! The Lovely Lisa also sent the faux fur throw at the end of the bed.

I think she skinned a polyester wolf.

The door at the end of the hall is to the en suite bath. Next project is new floor tile for bathroom.

Just a few furnishings to make our guests comfortable.

Nancy made this pillow for the Tiger Room about ten years ago. Nancy really loves to needlepoint and she really loves me - you should see the elephant pillows she made for our house.

That's another blog post entirely. I have needlepointed four elephant pillows for our house and Nancy has made two. They are in the living room.

On my Thai elephant chair.

I told you... we have "theme" rooms in this house.

Elvis would love it here.

I bet you'd like to take a nap now.

Until my next update, I remain, your decorated correspondent.