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Steve’s Cake

We are enjoying beautiful fall weather this week! So lucky. The sunshine may even get me off the treadmill and out onto the roads.

The leaves are changing color.

I see leaf raking in my someone's future - but aren't autumn leaves just so pretty?

My new pet The spider living outside our kitchen window is enjoying the weather. She has been quite lucky in catching her meals and I think she is getting fat. Maybe she and her gentleman caller (from the other day) were successful? Will Taylor Manor soon be filled with the pitter patter of eight hundred tiny feet? Anyway, about Steve's cake... Our friends, Kathy, Woody, Mary & Steve flew down to Arizona to watch the Ducks v ASU Saturday night in Tempe. (I think golf, serious pool-time and a hot air balloon ride were also involved.) The temperature at game time (7:35p) was over 100°. Mary said several over-heated fans were carted out of the stadium on stretchers by EMTs. The Ducks were again victorious - though it wasn't pretty - and brought a 42-31 conference win back to Eugene. After flying back to Portland Sunday afternoon, our friends came out to our house for dinner. They wanted to see this:And we needed to celebrate Steve's birthday!

White Butter Cake and frosted it with Chocolate Ganache. This cake looks and tastes home made. Nothing fancy - just simple and delicious.I made vanilla ice cream too.

Until my next update, I remain, your fat correspondent.