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The Morning After

We were blasted last evening with a huge wind, lightning and thunderstorm. It came out of nowhere and blasted NW Oregon, causing damage to trees and property. Thousands of houses are still without power 24 hours later. Compared to many of our fellow Oregonians, we escaped with little damage... just a lot of work... and probably one leaning tree that will have to be removed. I posted photos yesterday of the sky - today I will post photos of all the junk that fell out of the Douglas Fir trees on our property. Someone has to clean this up! (NOTE: this "someone" will not be me.)

Welcome to our home mess

If you don't live around fir trees... this is what drops from the trees, cones and all... it rained so hard last night, it all puddled together on the edge of our driveway.

This is just embarrassing... could someone lend me their pressure washer?

On the north side of the house, limbs are down and the poor rhoddies have lost their blooms

The rhododendrons are looking a bit soggy

The garden path has a detour... of the maple variety

A very tall (35 foot) and very thin tree is now leaning in the forest behind our home.
Last night, ten miles SE of our property, tornados were reported.

Luckily, we had this beautiful bird to nourish us. Shabbat Shalom!

Until my next update, I remain, your damaged correspondent.