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The Morning After

Indio, California:  I woke up this morning in a strange hotel room and thought maybe I had been in a dream.

No wait. This is our room at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel where we have spent countless nights (as the hotel is very close to The Lovely Lisa's teeny house).

Reality check. Yes, we are in Hollywood.

Yes. Our daughter really is engaged. She is happy. Everything is fine. How much champagne did I consume last night?

We checked-out of the hotel and drove over to Lisa's house. Our excuse is that we wanted to see Lisa, but we really just needed to get our doggie-fix. Our plan was to take Reese back to Indio with us for the week, but Lenny's parents had yet to meet their new Grand Dawg, and who am I to deprive the DC branch of our family of this canine privilege?

I did have another look at Lisa's gorgeous engagement ring in the daylight. Goodness. Who could have said no to this?

So, Dave and I headed back to Indio. Dog-free. 

We were not one hour outside of Los Angeles before I was in the need of something to cure my 315 glasses of champagne hang-over headache.

In-N-Out Burger.

The good thing about In-N-Out Burger is they have decided to stick to what they do best. A juicy, delicious burger. No breakfast grand slam. No wraps. No chicken anythingnuggets. In-N-Out offers burgers, fries and drinks. That's all.

The bad thing about In-N-Out Burger is they are brutal about their nutritional facts. California State law requires chain restaurants to state the caloric value of each menu item.

Our lunch: one cheeseburger for me and one hamburger for DT. No fries.

3,474,289 calories.

It was just what this dehydrated future Mother-of-the-Bride needed.

Until I could get back to my motorhome and spend the rest of the evening enjoying the view.

Until my next update, I remain, your Indio correspondent.

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