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The Last Night

Listen to Adam Sandler sing his "Chanukah Song" while you read this column

As suddenly as it began, Hanukkah is over. I will miss all those lovely fried foods. (My waistline will not miss all those lovely fried foods.) I served latkes the first night of Hanukkah, the last night of Hanukkah and on Shabbat during Hanukkah. 

Time to find those stretchy pull-on pants!

Hanukkah is a home holiday and a family holiday, so it just isn't much fun without children. (We used FedEx to ship The Lovely Lisa her gifts.) The only "child" I fried latkes for this year was our 16-year-old niece. (Then, unappreciatively, Carla kicked my tuchas in dreidel!)

DT and I bestowed little gifts on each other each evening this week. My favorite gift from DT was a running shirt reading CATCH ME IF YOU CAN. As if. That man really has a sense of humor, doesn't he? I gave us him a pair of very cool folding patio chairs for the Magna Peregrinus.

How cool will these look outside our motorhome?

The menorah is so pretty the last night of Hanukkah!

We also light an electric menorah (which we usually use in the RV - much safer!). Our little Kosher Dog protects it for us. Ah, My Dear Beagle really, really loved Hanukkah... because My Dear Beagle really, really loved latkes.

Who doesn't love latkes?

The menu for tomorrow night? Vegan burritos.

Until my next update, I remain, your well-lit correspondent.