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The Day Before

Tomorrow is the 113th Civil War - otherwise known as the Oregon v Oregon State football game. The Civil War is always the last game on the schedule. The entire state is usually all jacked-up in anticipation of the contest, but this year the game has even more suspense: the winner goes to the Rose Bowl and will face Ohio State in Pasadena on January 1st.

Not to mention bragging rights.

DT and I will head down to Eugene this afternoon in the Magna Peregrinus - loaded with treats and adult beverages for the tailgates of all tailgates.

Kick-off is Thursday, 6p pacific, and will be carried live nation-wide by ESPN in brilliant HD. The weather is predicted to be super cold and clear. It never rains in Autzen Stadium.

The Lovely Lisa is not coming! She came down with strep throat, was given a shot in her tuches this morning and sent home by her doctor with a note for the airline refund explaining "Lisa cannot fly to Aragon". Come on, Alaska Airlines, work with us on this. We are so disappointed.

Don't even ask. Someone has already claimed her game ticket.

Just in case you missed it... or want to get all pumped-up for My Ducks:

Until my next update, from Track Town USA Football Town USA, I remain, your GO DUCKS correspondent.