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That Time I Met Jackson Browne

No rest for me. We returned to Portland Monday evening, and Tuesday afternoon my suitcase was packed for another trip. Not a long excursion - just an overnight at a downtown Portland hotel (repeat of last week). My sister, Renee, had invited me to attend a Jackson Browne concert at the Arlene Schnitzer concert hall!

Actually, the evening was nearly a total repeat of last week when Dave and I spent the night at the Heathman Hotel to see Anthony Bourdain. I stayed at the same hotel and Renee and I had dinner at the same restaurant - Higgins. Would you believe we even enjoyed the same meal - fresh Chinook salmon?

This time it was served with a blueberry sauce.

The concert tickets were a birthday gift to Renee from her daughter. A little added surprise were passes to meet Jackson Browne after the show - compliments of Renee's friend, Dean (Dean knows Jackson Browne).

Though my new camera is great, I can't read the dials in the dark, but here are a few shots from our balcony seats:

Renee and I both enjoyed the many times the artist sang at the piano! Taking me all the way back to college, Mr. Browne crooned my favorites. At 66, he hasn't lost a beat.

He can still make me cry.

Later, our passes allowed us to go near the stage, so we had a very good view of Jackson Browne and his band.

And after the show, Mr. Browne was very friendly and chatted with us for quite a while - happily posing for photos.

I am so old, this photo is in black & white

Of course, my pretty young sister is in full color

It was a great concert, a great evening and a great time celebrating my sister's birthday. Happy Birthday, Renee!

Until my next update, I remain, your groupie correspondent.