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Thanksgiving is the day all America pauses (between football games and binge eating) to give thanks. This year, though times are tough, we still have much to be grateful for in our daily lives. I am especially appreciative of the 200,000 service women and men (including my nephew-in-law, Anthony, serving in Afghanistan) spread about the world, away from their families during Thanksgiving. Please remember our troops in your prayers tonight.

I am also Thankful to be living in an area of This Great Country which has access to fresh, delicious, sustainably-grown, organic foodstuffs. Nearly every item on our Thanksgiving menu was organic - from the turkey to the whipped cream on the pumpkin pie. How lucky! Most of our food came from Oregon, too. (The turkey came from Sonora, California and the champagne came from, well, Champagne, France.)

We had pretty flowers on the table.

For some strange reason... the florist added yellow roses to our bouquet.

I love My Ducks. 

I (really do) Smell Roses!

I am thankful for this seven-pound bone-in turkey breast - roasted with garlic and herbs.

I am thankful for Ina Garten (aka The Barefoot Contessa) for giving us her Spinach Gratin recipe.

I am thankful for my Own Dear Mother. She taught me to make dressing. Hubby had seconds of only one thing tonight - this dressing.

We enjoyed a very traditional Thanksgiving dinner tonight - turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry relish and a vegetable side dish. I expect (hope) most of you enjoyed the same?

Of course, I also baked a pumpkin pie... laced with a nice dose of Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey.

I am also thankful for DT. Not only is he the Best Husband Ever and the Best Driver Ever - he does dishes.

Tomorrow, Oregon celebrates another annual ritual - Wine Country Open House! Be there!

Until my next update, I remain, your Thankful correspondent.