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Taco Loading

Not much wind, but a dusty (sunny, 82° day in Indio

Indio, California: Work tasks continue and we are also preparing for the Passover Holiday which begins tomorrow evening. Since we have grown so lazy, we had the cleaning crew in to spiff-up our RV in preparation of the holiday. Seriously? How is it even possible to be too lazy to clean a 45-foot-long house?

Today we learned the happy news the brick we selected for our casita is, indeed, available AND our plans were approved by the Motorcoach Country Club Architectural Committee. Now our contractor gets to deal with the city, county, etc for permits. All I have to do is choose floor tile, bath tile, light fixtures, a toilet, sinks, appliances, kitchen cabinets, knobs, paint color, roof tile color, doors, faucets, this, that and the other thing.

Next week. Today, we prepared for Passover.

Fish tacos & beer at Fisherman's Grill

During the exodus from Egypt, the Israelites fled too quickly to wait for their bread to rise, so in homage, during the eight days of Passover, we consume no grains that can be fermented/rise. No wheat. Rye. Corn. Beans. Etc. No bread. No beer. 

No tortillas.

Many Jews seem to carbo-load prior to the holiday. Not me. I am taco-loading.

My Driver had a simple piece of grilled mahi-mahi - and rice.

We brought pretty yellow tulips into the house for Passover. Do you just love my $179free vase? Do you all remember that I ordered special Rose Bowl yellow & green roses from FTD? Remember that they were hideous and super expensive? The roses never opened. They kinda flopped-over and turned blue. I complained and dang, if they didn't give us a full refund - and we did not have to return the "O" vase - and Lisa gave it to me!

Due to the holiday, I will not be updating for a few days. Our best wishes to you all for a Joyous Passover. Our best wishes to you all for a Joyous Easter. See you soon. Until my next update, I remain, your joyous correspondent.

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