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It’s a Brick House

Indio, California: We continue to get things organized and are checking-off many items on our TO DO list. This afternoon, we accompanied our contractor, Arnold Castro of Desert Isles, to a few building supply companies to choose the brick for our casita. This is the first step, as everything else we select - floor tile, granite, paint color, etc - will need to pair with the brick exterior of the casita.

Maybe Dave is crazy, or maybe he is really smart, but after the initial brick selection, DT is leaving every other decision to me. He does trust my judgment, and is a firm believer in the "Happy Wife; Happy Life" philosophy - but in this instance he will simply be too busy (and out of town) helping with the Olympic Trials to be of much help on our casita project.

And though I will select everything from tile to drawer pulls, I will not be here during construction, so will be relying upon Arnold for many last-minute decisions. This will be easy for me - Arnold has far better taste than myself. He has an eye for detail that eludes me.

This is the brick we selected for the exterior of the casita and the pillars.

Yep. It's called "Clinker". The surface is pitted and there is a lot of grey in the brick. It also went really well with pavers we liked:

The pavers will line the RV pad and all the walkways and car parking space on our lot. The area under the covered pavilion will be tiled with something else that I will choose soon.

We also decided on these three slabs of granite for the kitchen peninsula and entertainment center. Difficult to see in this photo, but there is a lot of grey in the granite and the reddish-brown color is in the pavers. The granite will also look fabulous with the kitchen cabinets I am planning (in my head).

Arnold is super-easy to work with and a very nice man. He also has a great sense of humor and is hard to rile... probably great qualities to possess if you are a contractor. Before going on to other decisions, I will wait to hear that the brick we chose is available! Then, watch-out world... Mamma's Goin' Shoppin'!

Can you think of anyone else in our life who is easy-going?

Little Dood all dressed up for picture day at school this morning.

Until my next update, I remain, your decisive correspondent.

SLOGGER REPORT:  One more time around the block. Calves still made of cement. 4 miles.

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