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Sunday on The Strip

Las Vegas, Nevada:  After a good long sleep, Dave and I again went on a long walk, found food, did a lot of window-shopping and returned to the hotel, hours and hours and hours later, for a nap to get us ready for the evening activity. We covered a lot of territory, all on one street. It is a familiar course.

First stop: The Margaritaville Cafe... keeping with the family motto, Give Jimmy More Money. Naturally, I ordered the Cheeseburger in Paradise. I like mine with lettuce and tomato, Heinz 57 and French fried potatoes...

Ladies and Gentlemen, please exit through the gift shop... which we did, but we did not buy a thing. We are getting rid of stuff. Not gathering stuff. No more stuff.

Our Adventure continued across the street, where we walked through the shops in Caesar's Forum. We can't even afford to window shop in this mall. Gucci. Louis Vuitton. Chanel. Valentino. Baccarat. Cartier. Armani. Rolex. Looking is free and the mall is in a beautiful marble-filled building and features a curved escalator.

Every time we visit Las Vegas, I am convinced some hotel rooms lack mirrors. I wouldn't drag the trash can to the curb dressed in what some people wear walking down the streets of Las Vegas.

Our meanderings took us past the shops in the Bellagio Hotel, through the Bellagio casino and then to have a look at the unusual and always-beautiful floral exhibit in the hotel atrium. The Bellagio has a pumpkin on display weighing 946 pounds.

To exit the hotel, we went through the lobby with the famed Dale Chihuly glass ceiling.

Street Scene

Then we walked through the shops in the Aria complex,
with the amazing dining room at Mastro's seafood restaurant.

At this point in our ever-changing schedule, we plan to attend the Pac-12 basketball tournament this spring. The tourney has been held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena (where we attended the Jimmy Buffett concert last night) the past few years, but will move to the new arena built by the MGM group for 2017. The new T-Mobile Arena is behind the New York New York hotel complex. Dave wanted to check it out.

Huge restaurants line the walkway from The Strip to the new arena.
There is a lot of "installed art" around the venue. The arena is in the background of this photo.

The arena looks amazing. I can't wait to see the inside... hopefully when the Oregon Ducks win the Pac-12 tournament in early March?

After walking and window shopping all day, we finally made a purchase (other than lunch). We went to the massive M&M shop and bought a very few (just a teeny little bit, Lisa, don't be mad) candies for Leo and Lucy.

Not going to lie. My legs are a little sore today from 2.5 hours of dancing last night during the Jimmy Buffett show. Do I need one of those padded mats Jimmy uses?

Tonight we had a date night. Tickets to Zumanity and dinner at an Italian restaurant. Zumanity is a like a porn show, except it is all respectable-like because it is a Cirque de Soleil performance. This circus show had humor, drag queens, aerialists, midgets, contortionists, martial artists, singers, dancers, swimmers and a wholelotta nearly-naked people and a wholelotta boobs. The strength and skill of most of the performers is difficult to imagine, let-alone describe. Intensity. Strength. Practice. Waxing. Lots of waxing. Watch a video of the show here. (NSFW.)

Though photography was forbidden (apparently the only thing forbidden) during the show, at the end of the performance the audience was invited to bring out their cameras/phones and snap-away. I didn't bring a camera, so this is the best I can offer, via my phone camera.

And then we had a nice Italian dinner.

Until my next update, I remain, your wide-eyed correspondent.