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Sunday in The City

San Francisco, California: Even the locals can't believe the weather. It was again in the mid-70's. No wind. Sunny. Perfect weather. But our friends left us this morning. Julie drove back to Portland with Steve & Mary (I can happily report they have arrived home already). Woody & Kathy pointed their RV north as well.

We lingered one more day.

After everyone left, we jogged along the ocean-side paths in Pacifica that run north and south from the the RV Park. Part of the path is packed sand, part is paved, all of the paths are busy with bikes and dog walkers. Fun. Friendly. I had a very nice run and returned to find DT chatting with fellow Oregonian RVers. I think half the state of Oregon is in San Francisco this weekend.

Dave drove me to the Ferry Market Terminal for lunch at The Slanted Door. We have been here many before and will, no doubt, eat here many more times. The food is just delicious.

The Slanted Door is a Vietnamese restaurant featuring locally grown and harvested foods and seafood - organic whenever possible. You all just know how much I embrace this food philosophy. The portions are small - so diners are able to try several different dishes.

We started with Wild California Yellowtail with crispy shallots and Thai basil. Most people would call this sashimi.

Next we tried mesquite grilled whole local sardines with chive oil and soy. Three good-sized fish were served. Delicious. Smoky.

My favorite item on the Slanted Door menu is their Five Spice Duck Confit Salad with frisee lettuce, pomegranate and sherry-shallot vinaigrette.


After three starters, we feasted on a plate of grass-fed Anderson Ranch lamb sirloin with spring onions and red chili. Not spicy-hot, but well spiced. The lamb was so tender - as soft as bread.

After lunch, we walked around beautiful San Francisco - enjoying the weather, people watching and lovely sea air - before returning to our RV to catch one last sunset from our vista point/campsite.

And by "last sunset", I really hope I do not mean "last sunset" because a huge fissure has appeared in front of our RV and it seems to be growing larger each day.

Did someone say "San Andreas"?

Wow. It was another gorgeous sunset. The San Francisco RV Resort is a nice park, 15 minutes from town in a car, and the ocean-front campsites have spectacular views. But, get here soon, will ya? It appears to be losing 10 feet of property each year.

Until my next update from somewhere down the road, I remain, your well-grounded correspondent.