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Sunday in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada: We always remain over an extra day after Jimmy’s shows. The traffic between Las Vegas and Southern California is an absolute nightmare most Sundays. No reason to fight with the congestion stop-and-go, especially when Willy Nelson and Phil Collins/Genesis also had big concerts in Las Vegas this weekend.

So. Many. People.

After all that walking and dancing yesterday, we slept-in a bit, then walked over to the Bellagio Hotel to see how they have decorated their conservatory for fall. Every year, the theme is different, yet some elements remain the same. This year, the space has been renovated into a gorgeous Indian-themed garden filled with gourds, massive pumpkins, flowers and two elephants!

The Bellagio Hotel has again created a beautiful fall-themed dreamscape.

We continued our march through the shops in the Bellagio, to the shops at Caesar’s Palace, where we purchase nothing except a massive Caesar Salad. We were gone all dang day, with barely enough time for a rest before dining at the pretty Bardot restaurant in the Aria Hotel. This is getting to be another regular day-after agenda: sleep-in, Bellagio, Caesar’s, lunch, window shopping, walking and more walking, dinner at Bardot.

Our dear friends, Tamra and Steve, know of our agenda as they were here with us last year for Jimmy Buffett and my birthday – and Steve’s birthday, but were we so surprised when the server at Bardot told us Tamra and Steve had paid for our meal! What a lovely surprise and wonderful treat.

And we are so clueless. Why didn’t we think it unusual for the manager of the restaurant to escort us to our table? And not just a regular table for two, but a massive private booth? Why didn’t we think it odd that he asked if we were celebrating anything special tonight? The only thing on my mind was this:

Bardot serves the most amazing mac & cheese! They use cooked bucatini (straw-shaped) pasta, lay it length-wise in a loaf pan, drench it in mimolette cheese, then chill it overnight. When an order is placed, a portion is sliced from the loaf, coated with breadcrumbs and broiled. It is a most unusual presentation and absolutely divine.

Another divine thing about Bardot:

Just stunning.

Another wonderful evening at Bardot, and I can’t wait to return.

Until my next update, I remain, your very happy correspondent.