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Sunday Funday

Los Angeles, California: There were no appointments. Nothing scheduled. Nothing we needed to do. Nowhere we needed to be. Just a relaxing day with the kids. 

Even with a late movie/ice cream night, Leo and Lucy were asleep around 10p last night (two hours past their usual bedtime), and did not move all night, and did not wake until 8 o'clock this morning. This equals (with my math) a solid ten hours of shut eye.

We met the well-rested parents for brunch at the very fun All Time on Hillhurst Avenue. Super massive Nutella croissants were on the menu this morning, along with cheddar-cheesy scrambled eggs on toast.

Nutella croissant larger than her head?

Lovely Latte

Scrambled eggs on toast at All Time in Los Feliz

After breakfast, we walked through the Hillhurst Street Fair. No fruits or veggies, but local craftspeople vending their wares.

We purchased a very cute hand-made crocheted kitty/doll from Mr. Funky. It is ridiculously difficult to say no to a three year old girl. Lucy has named her Sugary.

Next on our agenda was a visit to the ponies in Griffith Park. Do you remember when Leo went here for the first time ever on his first birthday (all four grandparents in tow)?

How was this only 2012? Leo turned one on this day and we all celebrated at the ponies at Griffith Park because you can't ride the horses in Griffith Park until you have been on this planet for a year.

Look at him now! Nearly seven years old and riding the Big Ponies (they trot for a bit, instead of just slowly stroll as they do for the toddlers).

How did Leo suddenly get so big and so confident?

And so handsome?

Little Miss Munchkin is still on the baby ponies. Lucy may be well into middle school before she weighs enough to ride the big ponies.

As long as we were at the ponies in Griffith Park, why not ride the train?

With the grandparents in Los Angeles and staying at a hotel with a pool, there seemed no reason to not make full use of the facilities.

Dave and Lenny kept the kids busy in the hotel pool this afternoon. Before it became too late - we had enjoyed a full-day already and the kids had to get ready for their last week of school - we packed up, dried up, and headed to Golden Road for dinner.

Oregonians will be familiar with the pub atmosphere of Golden Road. Casual. Family-friendly. Brews and bean-bag games. Fruit beers. Vegan burgers. Beef burgers. Great service (okay, Oregonians are not used to great service at our brew-pubs) and just a fun place to spend the evening with family and friends.

Impossible Burger: vegan gone good

Fried Avocado Tacos

Another wonderful weekend with our family.

We need to get back to Portland soon, as the NCAA Track and Field Championships begin in a few days.


Until my next update, I remain, your "did we do all this in only one day?" correspondent.