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Street Rods

Merced, California: Not a lot to report today. It was incredibly windy and we both ran. Why? Not totally sure. We were either airborne or running-in-place (or so it seemed with the high winds). Exercise finished, we spent some time with DT's Mom before fetching our niece, Aleria, from school. Aleria had just celebrated her 17th, so we took her birthday shopping at the mall. Always fun to take a teenager shopping. Can't believe we used to do this all the time when Lisa was a teen.

Exhausting. Wonderful. Entertaining. A learning experience.

In the evening, again the family gathered to eat too much food, drink too much wine and laugh. Laugh. Laugh. I can't tell you how much we are enjoying getting to know DT's cousin and her family from New York.

Though we spent the day with family and I didn't take a photo, doesn't mean I don't have something fun to share with you today. Something very cool. While we were camped at the Bakersfield's RV Resort last weekend we saw a familiar sight:

Any RVer knows this view is a sure sign a car show is in town!

Bakersfield was host to the National Street Rod Association "Western Street Rod Nationals" last weekend. Very cool cars were parked all over the RV resort. I have no idea what they were, which year, which model. Many didn't have a logo at all. I know nothing about cars... I only want to put a key in the ignition and drive somewhere without polluting the planet too much. I don't care the color, year, model.

This may explain why I drive an old Honda CRV.

I only know the cars were beautiful and flawless.

Not to mention, nearly impossible to photograph without my reflection shining from the paint-job.

Look at the shine on this Chevy!


The color of this Chevrolet is called "merlot".

I like it when the interior and seat belts match the exterior, don't you? The interiors of these cars are nearly as pretty as the paint jobs.

Isn't this sedan simply gorgeous?

Until my next update, which will involve introducing our New York Cousins to In-N-Out Burger, I remain, "we need a new tow car" correspondent.

RV Park:  
Castle Air Museum Family Camp (in Atwater, California). The only game in town. We always stay here. It actually used to a a parking lot - but the Air Museum added eight 50-amp full-hookup campsites. It floods during a rainstorm. No bath house. No wifi. We love it here. Dogs allowed off-leash. Very casual. Quiet.