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Stitching + Holiday Catch-Up

La Quinta, California: As mentioned a few posts ago... after over-doing everything on our cruise, we took a breather after arriving back in the desert. And, as previously mentioned, I promised to share what I stitched on our Panama Canal Cruise... as soon as the recipient has received the finished project. She has!

What I stitched during the cruise

I have a girlfriend who travels to Hawaii several times a year with her husband, and she likes jewelry... so I made this jewelry box top (same jewel box I made for myself a few months ago). Figuring flip-flops would be an appropriate choice for a Hawaii Girl, each sandal has a different background stitch and each sandal has a bit of bling/metallic fiber. It was a fun project.

So cute!

The jewel box comes in a variety of colors, but red went best with the canvas, and mine is red as well, obviously! Just love my little "purse projects" - no idle hands around here. The jewel boxes and canvases (BB size) are made by Lee's Needle Arts and are only available through needlepoint shops. How many of you needlepoint?

Now... my other favorite subject: FAMILY! After arriving home from our cruise, we had a good long week to re-settle ourselves, as the kids flew off to Hawaii for a week. Leo and Lucile have three weeks from school, so it is a good time to get away... if you plan your December vacay in January... and they have been going to Kauai every-other-year for a while now.

Serious UNO competition

Which leaves us with FOOD. Here are a few things I cooked the week after we returned from our cruise:

Our second night home was the first night of Hanukkah
Tuna Salad
Italian Wedding Soup, made with chicken
(in broth fortified with Parmesan rinds)

More salads throughout the week, and then it was December 25th - Jimmy Buffett's 76th birthday! Double celebration as it was also the last night of Hanukkah. We celebrated with our usual Cheeseburger in Paradise, but without the bun this year (low-carb/high-fat burger?).

And fries from the air fryer
Last Night Best Night

The kids arrive here in a few days, so until my next update, I remain, your baking correspondent.

3 thoughts

  1. I used to needlepoint in my late 20’s. I remember I did a pillow of a Hare for a lady I worked with with the last name of Haire. I enjoyed it and then life happened and we had children. Crafting stopped at that point. I used to machine embroider baby items on my 1974 Kenmore that wasn’t made to do that. Beautiful baby items, and people asked me to create for them but after a few, I had to say no, even with the offer of money. They just didn’t understand the time involved and I had my hands full. I miss some of that. Crochet, painting and just creating. I miss it all. I hope to retire at some point, I’m certainly old enough. Hubby is handicapped and I am the income & health insurance in our family. It’s all good, it will happen in good time.
    So glad you are back.

  2. Love the needlepoint! The pillow you made for me decorates my dresser. I admire it each time I walk into my bedroom.

  3. Love the needle point jewelry box! I’ve always wondered how to get on the “friends who get a pillow, jewelry list”?
    Any way admire your skill and enjoy seeing what you make!

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