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Junction City, Oregon: We moved from our usual track meet campsite at Premier RV Resort to Guaranty RV Park in Junction City around noon today. It is only a 20-ish mile drive between the two RV parks, but Guaranty RV Park is only around the corner from where we will be leaving our bus for six weeks for a brake repair. Since our alarms will go-off at 6 o'clock tomorrow morning, 20 miles saved is a good thing.

Brian showed-up just after we moved over to our new campsite and finished-up the last tasks left on our list. He also helped us out by taking anything (just a few things) from our freezer that would not make it back safely to La Quinta in our new cooler.

My Driver swore again as he packed our car, wondering how I needed so much clothing (I only have 60 hangers of clothing TOTAL, so think he is a bit over-doing-it. I brought only a few things on this trip) for a month-plus-long trip. I did have 8 pair of shoes and five handbags. The purses were mostly un-used, as only cheap, plastic, see-through bags were allowed into Hayward Field for the NCAA and Olympic Trial meets.

After Brian left, and the car was mostly-packed, we relaxed for a bit. Dave grilled chicken thighs and I made a wedge-ish salad.

We are watching the Tour de France, but will call it an early night.

Please do not be alarmed if I do not update tomorrow. Gina and Steve are rural, little cellular service, and we will be exhausted. Maybe look for an update Thursday or Friday when we will arrive home to La Quinta.

Until my next update, hopefully from our La Quinta home, I remain, your packing correspondent.

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