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Soccer + Tea

Los Angeles, California:  With two kids, Saturday's are hectic and busy at Lisa's house. Ballet lessons, Hebrew School and soccer were on the agenda today.

Eating a slice of cold pizza (larger than her head) fuels Lucy for dance. (I heard a teeny knock on the guest room door over-night... around 3a... and it was Lucy wanting to know if she could sleep with me since I was all alone. Too sweet. Little con artist, this one. (Of course, I said yes.)

Later we all went to Leo's soccer game. I'm not sure six year old kids kicking a ball around can be called soccer, but after several weeks of practice and games, they are really getting the feel of the game. Leo may be the smallest kid on the team, but he is the quickest. This Bubbe thinks Leo is going to do very well at track and field (the track part).

It was 93 degrees at kick-off.

Action Shot: Leo is #3


Sent out

Leo gets a hug from Lucy

2 - 4 - 6 - 8 - who do we appreciate?
Leo's team won... we think... they don't keep score.

After soccer, the boys went off on errands and to meet Lenny's sister for sushi. Lisa, Lucy and I prettied ourselves, then went to tea at The Langham Hotel in Pasadena to celebrate my up-coming birthday. (Oh, wait, did I say birthDAY? I meant, birthMONTH.)

I realize this would have been a better photo if I had thought to take it before we started eating! Sorry. The top tier held scones, center plate was finger sandwiches and the bottom layer was filled with pretty pastries - many garnished with gold flakes. Fancy! Lisa and Lucy had sparkling cider - and the waiter daringly served Lucy's in a flute. (We suggested Lucy use the tea cup instead, but she insisted on the flute. There were a few close calls, but the little darling never spilled a drop.) I had champagne in my flute.

There was a constant stream of ladies passing our table, admiring Lucy.

Everything was just scrumptious and the tea was divine - the exact same tea we drank at The Langham Hotel in Hong Kong two years ago. Fun!

And now I am back in Portland - a quick, but wonderful few days with the kids in Los Angeles.

Until my next update, I remain, your spoiled correspondent.