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We've had a full house all week and it has been a lot of fun catching up with my family from Denver. Tonight we all gathered to observe Shabbat. I made Chippy Challah(pronouced Hippy Hallah) which is just my usual Challah, except with an earthier whole-wheat slant. I will post the recipe soon.

I promise.

My Chippy Challah is delicious. Not traditional, yet healthier than the conventional version.

Look at that gorgeous loaf, braided and ready to rise.

Fresh from the oven... beautiful.

I swear, I am trying to install the iPhone app for smell-o-vision on this blog.

I baked a cheesy artichoke spread for the appetizer. It was popular with crackers. The crackers look/taste like Triscuits, but they are the hippy organic version.

My Driver carved the six pound bird. The chicken was roasted with a chopped lemon, rosemary, thyme and parsley in the cavity and olive oil, kosher salt and pepper rubbed into the skin. It was super moist and savory.

We also enjoyed roasted butternut squash served over roasted red onions, tossed with fresh arugula in a balsamic reduction. Yummers.

Salad course? Simple sliced tomatoes drizzled with Oregon Olive Oil and a little fresh basil. Simple.

Dessert? Honeydew melon with blueberries. We Oregonians like it fresh and healthy, don't we?

Until my next update, I remain, your hippy correspondent.