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Dog Day Afternoon

Our family flew back to Denver this morning. It is very quiet at our house. We did have an adventure planned to get us out of the funk - The Rose City Classic Dog Show at the Portland Exposition Center. In my little brain, I thought our friends were competing in the agility trials at noon. I am stupid was mistaken. They are competing in the agility trials tomorrow at noon.

Rat farts.

No matter - we were at a dog show and there was plenty to keep us occupied. Not to mention all the adorable dogs. There were tons of exhibits to wander through...

Major sponsor of the Rose City Classic - Eukanuba

Eukanuba makes breed specific dog food. Who knew! If you have a Labrador Retriever, you can feed him food specially formulated to the exact nutritional needs of a Labrador Retriever. Where have we been? Our Beagle passed away only 4 years ago. When did everything get so scientific? (By the way, Eukanuba does not have a "Beagle Specific" dog food. Losers.)

Rose City Classic Dog Show

I want to announce that I did not buy even one thing for our Grand Dawg at the Rose City Classic. Not that I wasn't tempted. So many toys. Treats. Dog photographers. Beds. Blankets. Beauty products. Food. Medical teams. Leashes. Collars. Dog-themed purses and clothing for people. Purses to carry your pet. Dog vitamins. We even saw a Doggie Treadmill. I am not kidding.

I noticed a few too many people who obviously had their hair styled by a dog groomer.

Agility course dog crossing a platform with ramps

The agility trials were fascinating. The handler must put their dog through a series of jumps, tubes, platforms, rings and weaves using hand and voice commands. The trainer does not know the course layout until just before the competition! If you have a chance to see agility training at a dog show or on television - spend a few minutes to check it out. Very cool.

Come on, Mom, let's go

At one point on the agility course, just when the dog is so excited and racing around, a command is given for the dog to hop on a table and just sit. The dog does not want to sit, of course, they want to run! But sit they do, in anxious anticipation until their master gives them the command to finish the rest of the obstacle course.

This dog was extremely mellow

After watching the agility competition, we wandered around the arenas where individual breeds are judged. Gee, guess which breed we visited first?


Who could resist? Is there anything sweeter than a beagle?


No. There is not.


Just look at that face. Those ears.

No. We are not getting another dog.

Border Terrier

Though I did try to put this puppy in my purse.

Saint Bernard

I'm gonna need a bigger purse.

Dog show people lead interesting lives. They travel from show to show and they all seem to know each other. It is a lifestyle perfectly suited for RVing.

The parking lot at the Portland Expo Center

A huge portion of the parking lot adjacent to the Portland Exposition Center had been turned into a temporary RV Park - complete with (temporary) 30 amp power. Every RV had a portable outdoor kennel set up outside. Several RV's were built or customized especially for traveling with dogs.

Newmar Canyon Star

The 39-foot Newmar Canyon Star gas motorhome has a "garage" in the back with a drop-down hatch and ramp to load your ATV's or motorcycles - and a second entry door to the "back room". Very cool. The owners have set up a row of dog kennels in the back. I could envision an exercise room (with a treadmill for humans) back there. My brother would outfit it with all his skis and fly fishing equipment. How about a Smart Car? Bunks for the kids? What would you put back there?

Another custom RV at the Rose City Classic Dog Show

Only a RV Goddess could turn a dog show into a RV show.

Until my next update, I remain, your canine-deprived correspondent.