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RVG Statement on COVID-19

Indio, California: Oh. Dear. Lord. I do not have a statement on Coronavirus! Unlike the 20 emails a day I receive from basically any company possessing my email address (I’m talking to you company I bought a scarf from two years ago!). My only statement would be: This Sucks!

Our lives have changed, and seriously took a turn last evening when California Governor Gavin Newsom issued a “Shelter In Place” order to all residents of California.

That would be us.

Since we live in a small space (a 45-foot motorhome may seem huge, but it is living more and more like a 28-foot travel trailer with each passing day), we do not keep a lot of supplies/food onboard. I am, however, stocked with rice, dried beans, pastas and sauces. Some meat in the freezer, and a ton of homemade frozen soup stocks and broths. Since the bread aisles are empty, I can happily report we have flours and yeast. The only thing we will need (eventually) are fresh vegetables and fruits. I now wear gloves to the grocer and wipe-down everything with sani-wipes (purchased for our cruise) before anything is carried into the RV.

Life has changed, but if we all pull together, hopefully we can stop this monster.

Our Little Lucy had to “virtually” attend her ballet class on Saturday! The teacher set it up so her students could watch via video feed. Lisa calls this the new normal.

I thought it was sweet Lucy put on a tutu - even though the instructor couldn’t see her.

Since we are mostly staying around our resort, at least we have such a wonderful view! The birds are so busy as well. I predict ducklings any day now.

And our lawn has gone crazy from all the rain... and was too wet to mow for a week, but did look SO lush. They finally mowed on Wednesday... yet is still sprinkles a bit. The weather is supposed to clear up next week.

Our only visitor was this reptile, hanging around on Leo and Lucy’s pool floats. I cannot identify the creature. Maybe a juvenile? Anyone?

We did have corned beef and cabbage Tuesday. Traditional. It was very good, as were the Reubens we had Thursday. (Indian Butter Tofu Wednesday.) I’m trying to plan menus using the freshest greens first... arugula and cilantro. The asparagus and Brussels sprouts can wait.

Irish Soda Bread with Corned Beef & Cabbage

I write about our menus as the Motorcoach Country Club restaurant has switched to take-out only, and only from noon to 6p daily... lunch and bar menu only. A few local restaurants are still open, doing take-out only... but we are staying in.

The only thing left to report (everything is so boring this week!) is the search for a new house has come to a complete halt. No open houses to tour. Online looking is all we can do for now. Our summer plans are still planned... but will the Olympic Trials (Eugene, end of June) even happen? Taking it day-by-day and very thankful we have a place to stay - and especially that our “place to stay” has wheels (solar panels, generator, 150 fresh water tank, etc.), if we need to stay some where else.

We really really really really miss our grandchildren, but it is safer to be apart at this point. Situation changes daily. Thank you for your comments and emails asking about our health. We are both fine - and I hope you are all healthy and keeping busy as well. Please comment below!

Stay safe!

Until my next update, I remain, your sheltered correspondent.

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  1. So good to get news of you two! We are well too. So glad we made the move to a stick house when we did. Still plan to summer in Idaho, but when??? So many campgrounds closed now for a leisurely adventure north. All the best to you guys during this crisis and hope you find your next home this spring. If not, visit us in Idaho!

  2. Glad you guys are doing well! We are keeping our social distance around the corner…lot 364. Going a little stir crazy at times, but couldn’t think of a more beautiful place to be in “lockdown”. Take care!

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