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Rubies & Caviar

Lisa flew back to Los Angeles this afternoon, but not before we enjoyed a Mother-Daughter Luncheon with our BFF's.

Mary, Lynn, Kelsey, Kathy, Terry & Lisa - Mom's with their eldest children (or only, in my case).

Every time anyone Lisa comes to visit, she always wants to "have a Ruby" at McMenamins. Ruby (in the pint glass between Mary & Lynn) is a fresh raspberry-infused ale brewed by the McMenamin Brothers. It is extremely popular. (The McMenamin Brothers also offer deep-fried tater tots. Divine.) We enjoyed great pub grub and chatted the afternoon away... until Lisa had to go to the airport. Quick visit!

Our weather was simply drab all day. Grey skies. Rain. Wind.

Perfect day for Lentils with Roasted Vegetables. Tonight I used the pretty Black Beluga Lentils - so-called because they resemble Beluga caviar once cooked. Packed with protein, lentils are an inexpensive, adaptable and healthy legume. My soup/stew recipe calls for roasting vegetables (tomatoes, onion and garlic), pureeing the roasted veggies, then adding the blended mixture to cooked lentils in stock.


30 minutes later - wow, the kitchen smelled so good

A little whirl in the food processor...

and dinner is served.

I served the "stew" with a crusty brown walnut-studded bread and tossed greens. This recipe is vegan, or you could use chicken stock. If you prefer the dish to be more "soupy" than "stewy", just add more stock! See and print the recipe here.

Lisa is already back in Los Angeles and out to a bachelorette party for one of her sorority sisters! Where does she find the energy? (Did I forget to mention Lisa ran four miles this morning?)

Until my next update, I remain, your high-fiber correspondent.