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Back to the homestead

Nothing exciting to report today. We drove back to Portland (from Bend). It is nearly a four hour drive - and we did not enjoy good weather. We did not have to drive through snow as we did on the drive to Bend, but the rain was fairly impressive.

So I have nothing to report from the homestead... except for a leak that seems to have developed somewhere between the roof and the chimney here at The Manor. This, no doubt, will result in several interesting home-repair posts.

I still have something to entertain you, Dear Reader. Thanks to The Lovely Lisa, who is hip to all things hip, we have a funny video about Tiger Woods. Remember Tiger Woods? Is he in sex rehab in Arizona? Is he in sex rehab in Mississippi? Is he dining at a steak house in Boca Raton? Is he in South Africa on an exclusive estate?

Who knows? And maybe Mr. Woods has a great publicist... because after two months - who cares?

But just in case you want to jump on the Tiger Woods commemorative plate band-wagon... here you go! So funny. Seriously - who thinks of this stuff? This video has been retracted/pulled from many venues, so if it does not appear - please do not blame me.

Until my next update, I remain, your drippy correspondent.