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Road Food

Merced, California:  Before we left Bakersfield Saturday, I put three ingredients in the crockpot, placed the crockpot in the sink and we hit the (super bumpy Highway 99) road to Merced.

The three ingredients were a package of boneless, skinless organic chicken thighs, one cup (or so) frozen tri-colored chopped peppers (from Trader Joe) and a jar of salsa verde. That was it. Could not have been easier. After spending the afternoon with Dave's mom, we came back to the motorhome to a healthy meal. I easily shredded the chicken with a fork and served the "stew" over rice. Guacamole + chips served as our salad/appetizer.

This is a super-simplified version of my crockpot Chicken Chile Verde recipe. It was very good.

Brother Billy served a wonderful Mother's Day champagne brunch this morning. The menu included a frittata made with fresh eggs from a friend's farm. Delicious. Did I think to take a photo? That would be no. Our niece, Meghan, was also in town to surprise her mom for a Mother's Day visit. Did I think to take a photo? That would be no.

But - oh, you Lucky Reader - I did take photos of our Sunday Night Pizza! I have now learned my lesson. Dear Terry: Do Not Use Store-Bought Pizza Dough! Just don't. Yes, it saves time, but it is soooo bready and doughy. Tonight's bread bomb was topped with mozzarella, roasted red peppers, Kalamata olives and dusted with dried chili and oregano.

Thank goodness the wedge salad accompanying the doughy pizza was good and large, because most of the pizza went in the trash. I hate wasting food, but I hate consuming disgusting food more.

That's about all I can report from Merced. Until my next update, I remain, your "Happy Mother's Day" correspondent.

RV Park: Castle Air Museum RV Park. Only eight sites, so be sure to make a reservation. It is the only place to camp in the area. 50 amp, full service sites. Back-in only, in a parking lot. No bathhouse. No nothing. $35 per night.