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Indio, California:  A crew arrived at 7a to clean our casita. Being away for basically two weeks, combined with terrible wind/sand storms, made me super happy I had reserved Maricela's magic team weeks in advance. As soon as the ladies had tackled the casita, they cleaned our motorhome.

<Insert. Big. Sigh. Here.>

Mary & Captain Jim came by to restock our fridge this morning. Their kids had visited over Spring Break (while we were away) and left a basically-full bottle of Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce... which the wimps Mary and Jim would not use.

We have food! Thank you, Dear Friends, for saving us from possible starvation.

But a girl cannot live on hot sauce alone, so I ventured on down to the local supermarket (Ralphs) to restock. Oh, goodness, how those condiments do add up.

One hour later... I brought the goods (five bags!) back to the bus and then set-out again with DT to pick up other necessities at Cardenas and Trader Joe's..

This evening we watched Lisa's alma mater, The George Washington University, make it into the final game of the NIT. Though Lisa graduated in 2003, DT and I have remained true to her school and continue to follow The Colonials. How fun to see this team succeed! This girl just can't get enough college hoops.

And this evening I cooked for the first time since March 17th, when I made Beer, Cheese & Potato Soup for Lisa and a cast of friends on St. Patrick's Day in Oregon. (Was that only 13 days ago?) To celebrate returning to the desert, to the stove, a clean bus, a clean casita, hot water and a working refrigerator, I prepared an old recipe from this website: Fettuccini with Asparagus & Lemon.

Hello, Spring!

Until my next update, I remain, your Hail to the Buff, Hail to the Blue, Loyal to GW correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club