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Rest Day: 2

TrackTown, USA: Again, no rest. Our bus had to be across the interstate before noon today for her annual $1,000 lube-oil-filter. After exercising, and stowing everything for a 1/2 mile journey, we had four hours to occupy before fetching our house again. I was smart enough to put a few ice packs in a cooler, just in case we stopped off for groceries wine.

Our first mission was lunch. No breakfast, so starving. We went to the Oakway Center for pretty-decent Mexican fare at Chapala. They offer ridiculously inexpensive lunch specials. I had two chicken enchiladas with beans (I asked for no rice), for $7.95.

So yummy!
My Driver ordered the chicken quesadilla, but couldn't eat half.

We strolled through a few shops, but didn't see anything that sparked our interest. There was a need, however, for a new CO2 cartridge for our SodaStream machine, so we went to Bed Bath & Beyond. While there, I wanted to look for an ice bucket. We HAVE an ice bucket in our bus, but it is so small - barely holding even two cups of ice - so I wanted something a bit larger... yet not as large as a "normal" ice bucket. The clerk in the shop looked around the bar supply area, but everything was too large, or too small. Goldielocks must have been watching over me, because as I was heading to the check-out desk with my CO2 cartridge, I came upon a bar cart display with a nice medium-sized ice bucket. The clerk scanned the one-only-and-not-in-a box ice bucket and said it was $32. Well, that seemed just a bit over-priced... until he said it was on sale for $8.09. SOLD!

On the way home, we stopped at a grocer for coffee and fresh basil, and DT found his favorite rosé for $9.99 per bottle. No sales tax in Oregon.

Dave and I were feeling good about our good deals when we reached Cummins NW to retrieve our motorhome from her annual servicing... until our favorite tech gave us the bad news that we need new brake pads on the drive axle. Like yesterday. We have been phoning around, but have only bad news to report: no repair openings until August or September.

By the time we received this verdict, most brake shops had closed for the day, so we will try other places in the morning. Brian has also given us a few leads. This situation is not looking good. The RV Goddess is becoming the RV Fairy... (or Devil?).

Fun times!

No matter what, we have a full day of The One True Sport tomorrow - Day 5 of the US Olympic Track & Field Trials. Nothing we can do about the brakes tomorrow.

Until my next update, I remain, your brake-less correspondent.

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  1. You might try Specialty RV in Donald
    He might be able to help you sooner
    Glad you’re enjoying the Trials and are able to socialize with your friends

  2. We are experiencing similar with our RV. Took it in for the same oil/lube/filter, Discovered why we were having “issues” with our Vega System (touch system on wall that has readouts and controls everything inside RV). We need 2 new chassis batteries, and four L-16 house batteries. Looking at an expense of some $4,400. Batteries are currently difficult to locate due to post-Covid issues. Fun times!!

  3. Hi Dave and Terry,

    We solved the problem of the never ending repairs!!! We sold the Beaver! LOL

    Love you guys. Miss you.

    Lois, Steve and Reggie B

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