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Reese jets home to Los Angeles

Our day started well with hard runs on trails in a local nature park, under a canopy of shady trees. Nice! Barely made it 90 degrees today. Again, no air conditioner.

This afternoon, I gathered all of Reese's things, gave him a good brushing and drove him to an empty parking lot downtown. This was the meeting point for what Lisa has named "Operation Puppy Drop". If anyone witnessed a middle-aged woman handing a large case and a wad to a cash to a young woman in that parking lot today, they probably would have called the police. It looked like a kidnapping scheme or a drug deal... but, really, it was just Reese and his $100 airfare.

Lisa's LA friend, Gillian, was in Portland for the weekend and is flying back to Los Angeles this afternoon with Reese. Lisa will pick them up at the airport. Reese and Lisa will be so happy to see each other again. We can't thank Gillian enough for escorting our little guy back home (and I can happily report their plane has landed at LAX and the happy reunion has occured).

Our house is already so empty without our little Grand Dawg. (Pretend I put one of those sad-face icons here, will you?)

We moved the patio furniture - and the grill - back to our beautiful NEW deck this evening. I marinated boneless-skinless chicken thighs and DT grilled the meat for tacos.

Before I get too many emails - relax, I will post the recipe tomorrow. Just a variation of my chicken asada recipe... highly spiced, but not spicy-hot. I think you will really like these easy (RV-friendly - if you have a grill outside) tacos.

It's a chicken taco; what's not to like?

Until my next update, I remain, your dogless correspondent.

(PS: I added another A-10 Basketball trip to Philly in 2002 to my Postcards From the Road section. Reading this may induce mild coma-like symptoms.)