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Getting buzzed

A bit of a busy hodge-podge around Taylor Manor today. Again, temperatures into the low 90's. We Oregonians simply do not know what to do with ninety degrees? Ninety degrees is exactly double our usual temperature. 

Without the rain, of course.

I printed my "Magna Peregrinus Inventory" checklist and we headed out to visit our bus.

Do any of you recall this luscious space? Our cozy motorhome? Ah. Sweet memories.

Today we opened every cupboard and drawer in our motorhome, taking inventory in preparation of our month-long trip to Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and Utah. A girl does not want to run out of gin aluminum foil in the middle of Utah no where.

I'm like a Boy Scout.

On our way to the bus, we stopped for supplies at Camping World. Has anyone noticed (besides me) they simply do not carry the inventory they once offered? When we returned home, we found the latest issue of Motorhome Magazine in our mailbox. Has anyone noticed (besides me) this magazine is getting thinner and thinner and has nothing of interest to read?

There is something positive to report - we were able to dine on our new deck this evening!

So pretty. So clean. Where are the potted plants? Herbs? Flower pots? Since we were only to be here these few short weeks, we have decided to forego the "summery garden on our deck" this year and are supporting our local organic herb, flower & vegetable farmers instead.

Or maybe we are just incredibly lazy.

We did get buzzed at dinner - bowtie pasta with sun-dried tomatoes, basil, arugula and parmesan with an avocado, tomato and orange salad.

And by "buzzed", I mean we were dive-bombed all throughout our meal by this guy and his pals. We have to refill the hummingbird feeder every 4 days this time of year. Our hummingbirds are not the "organic/health food nut" variety of hummingbirds. I made the (big) mistake of using organic sugar to fill their feeder last year. This resulted in a bit of a cloudy-looking mixture as organic sugar is rustic and not white-white. The picky little things basically ignored our feeder until I refilled it with C&H's finest 4-cups-water to 1 cup-sugar clear-as-water mixture. Our hummingbirds are obviously the junk-food-drive-through-window-type hummingbirds. 

Or as spoiled as our Grand Dawg.

I added two new recipes today. Pad Thai and Chicken Tacos.

Until my next update, I remain, your buzzed correspondent.