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Our little heat wave continues! We actually used the air conditioner for the first time in a year or two and it actually worked! Did I ever tell you about the time, several years ago, when we started the air conditioner for the first time in years and it caught on fire? That was fun. Seems a field mouse had made her nest inside the housing.

She is no longer with us.

Reese spent the morning with the groomer. He looks and smells much better after his bath and "beard trim". Of course, five minutes after a bath and brushing, he looks like the scruffy tousled mutt we all love. Reese is a rescue dog/pound puppy and we are unsure of his "heritage". Maybe Yorkshire Terrier and Mini-Poodle mix? Reese doesn't shed and his hair has pretty curls.

I am a handsome fella, don't you think?

Faithful. Cute. Affectionate. Gentle. Can hear a leaf drop in the next county.

Loves long walks on the beach.

Lady, I know you are keen on taking photographs of me and I can't blame ya. But it is 95 degrees out here. Notice my wagging tongue? The panting?

Howzabout you put that camera down and open the door so I can go inside and enjoy your air conditioned house?

Until my next update, I remain, your puppy paparazzi correspondent.