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Another scorcher! 92 degrees! Not a cloud in the sky! Incredible.

The hot weather brings out all the flowers, which brings out all the bees. We have a pretty - and massive - patch of lavender in our garden and it is a popular spot for honey bees - and this monstrous Bumblebee.

I thought it would be fun to practice shooting photographs with my fun little macro lens. Look at all the orange pollen this busy worker has gathered.

Look at this guy (gal?) - his face is buried inside the flower to get the pollen.

I have heard human civilization could not survive without bees cross-pollinating our agriculture. Still, they are a little creepy-looking.

Yet oddly beautiful.

And quite kind. They did not mind me sticking the camera right into their business. Actually too much "on a mission" to really notice me at all.

Now, for something completely unrelated... but I really wanted to share this:

Mary found this in Las Vegas and thought it needed to live with me. Perfect!

Until my next update, I remain, your "busy as a bee" correspondent.