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Reconnaissance Mission

Indio, California: There were several things we needed to do/check-out today.

Our weather continues to improve, so we had sunshine for our exploration... however, the mountains between Palm Springs and Los Angeles (not the mountains in the above photo, which are north of us) are now covered with snow. It was 72 degrees in Indio today.

Our first stop was to try a (new-to-us) breakfast place - the Palms Cafe in Palm Desert. Crammed Nestled between a Trader Joe's and a Michael's craft shop, the Palms Cafe serves breakfast and lunch seven days a week.

There is nothing fancy about the Palms Cafe. This is a breakfast place, serving up large portions of eggs, hash browns, pancakes and waffles to happy customers... a mixture of geriatrics in velour sweat suits and hung-over hipsters. Just my kinda place.. The servers at the Palms Cafe were absolutely outstanding and super friendly. Most patrons were regulars.

DT and I split a Southwest omelet - grilled chicken, green chiles, onion, etc., with home fries, guacamole and a side of whole wheat toast. We had great meals (okay, make that MEAL, as we split everything) and hope to return. Fun times.

Do y'all split restaurant meals? Please comment below.

Next on our list was a visit to the next-door craft shop, Michael's. Just a bunch of red and green wrapping paper and we were needing Hanukkah wrap. Nothing. Seriously? In Palm Desert?

Many years ago, we visited a Total Wine shop in Sacramento and could not believe the selection of wine, booze, beer and etc available under one roof. We just learned Total Wine had opened in Palm Desert (just around the corner from the Palms Cafe) so you know we had to go check it out.

It is like entering a Costco devoted to booze.

With Costco prices.

And a 10% discount if you buy six bottles.

We had to hit-up a few more stores before finding Hanukkah wrapping paper. Who knew Target had an unbelievable selection? Cutest ever: I LOVE YOU A LATKE wrapping paper!

Later in the afternoon, we hopped in the golf cart and took a cruise around the resort before sunset and were treated to a few pretty views from the golf course across the canal.

Our view from the cart path: a boat out on a sunset cruise

Looking north

The resort was very pretty this evening. More and more coaches are arriving for the "season" every day. Many people were outside their motorhomes, sitting by their fireplaces or fire pits, watching football on television. Relaxing. You know... camping.

Until my next update, I remain, your "it's a wrap" correspondent.

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